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1. An Interview With Amelia Dickerson
Enjoy this interview with Amelia Dickerson, a blind student at University of Colorado, Boulder. It reveals an articulate and vivacious young woman with a desire to share her experiences and encourage others.

2. What Is A Microboard?
What is a microboard? Chances are, if you have a significant disability and want to be a part of your community with all of the basic supports for living a self-determined life, a microboard will help you! Microboards help direct community services for an individual and may help with small business.

3. Deaf Survivors of the Holocaust
It is estimated that at least 17,000 deaf Germans were sterilized or killed during the Holocaust. However, there were survivors and due to the extensive research and work done by historians, we have some of those stories of inspiration.

4. What Is Hydrocephalus?
Hydrocephalus, known by some as 'water on the brain' is a complex condition that can occur as a result of other disabilities and cause other impairments if not treated. Let's learn more.

5. Blister Protection and Detection
Friction can be a dangerous thing to skin when your immunity, circulation and mobility are compromised. But, there are things you can do to keep your skin dry, healthy and protected to avoid blisters and pressure sores.

6. Maryland's EID Program
The Employed Individuals with Disabilities program is a Maryland Medicaid program designed to help the working disabled afford health insurance. The program covers many costs that private insurance will not pay for the disabled and actually saves money for those insured under Medicare.

7. Anticonvulsant Facts and Uses
Anticonvulsants are a group of medications used essentially to treat epileptic seizures. They have also been found to have other important uses in medicine.

8. Working with Manual Dexterity Challenges
Many people have manual dexterity issues when they are dealing with cerebral palsy, arthritis, Parkinson's and other disabilities. You can continue to work or seek other employment. Retraining and education is also possible.

9. Accepting Your Disability
People with disabilities experience disability in many ways, from birth to injury to illness. No matter the age of disability onset, it's really important to come to a place of acceptance of self

10. Preventing Suicide In People with Disabilities
Learn about ways to prevent suicide while leading a life with a disability.

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